How Honda Racing Has Evolved Your Street Car

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Honda’s Racing Legacy

As a former racer, Mr. Soichiro Honda deeply believed in competition as a means to improve his company, its people, and its products. This ethos is still very much alive and well today through Honda’s racing endeavors. What most people don’t know is that a great deal of what is learned by Honda’s racing has been carried over into Honda’s passenger automobiles.

To start with, Honda races cars to learn. The company derives its strength from the contributions of inspired associates, driven to develop fresh ideas, winning solutions and leading-edge technologies. They possess a relentless desire to constantly improve, redefine and exceed expectations. More so than in any other automobile manufacturer, racing is embedded in the Honda corporate culture. The advantages of developing a race car comes from the understanding of automotive performance when it is on the edge of what is technologically possible. Honda can then look at cars built for the average consumer from a different point of view.

How Honda Racing Has Evolved Your Street Car

Safety Through Understanding

Through racing, Honda has learned why a racing car needs certain brakes, suspension setup, and safety features all while maximizing performance. Honda’s engineers can then use the data they gather from racing to help influence the cars that are built for the consumer. Many advances in consumer vehicle safety have come from lessons learned at the race track where the forces of impact are much more severe than the average street car would endure. Consequently, Honda Racing was able to contribute to the Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) Body Structure that is now used in their consumer cars.  ACE™ is a Honda-exclusive body design that utilizes a network of connected structural elements to distribute frontal crash energy more evenly throughout the front of the vehicle. This helps reduce the force transferred to the cabin and more evenly disperse the forces transferred to other vehicles involved.

How Honda Racing Has Evolved Your Street Car

Reliability From Experience

Honda’s racing engines have also lead to their ability to design and build more robust and reliable engines for their street vehicles as well. Honda designs their racing engines to perform at the absolute limit for long periods of time without any failures. Honda then takes the experience gained from building racing engines and employs what is practical and functional into the assembly of their consumer engines. The engines Honda puts into their consumer cars have been designed around durability and longevity, both of which are important in racing and consumer use.

How Honda Racing Has Evolved Your Street Car

Your Own Personal Race Car (sort of…)

Without lessons learned from research and development for Honda’s racing teams, the technology used for their road cars may not be as advanced as it is today. Honda is a industry leader in using lessons learned on the track and turning them into great consumer vehicles. Racing isn’t just fun to watch or participate in, it helps make our consumer vehicles more reliable, safe, and fun to drive as well.  Make sure you stop by Perfection Honda and see some of our racing inspired, award winning vehicles today!

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