Perfection Supports UNM ‘Brain Safe’ Project – to Help Minimize Sports Concussions

December 5th, 2013 by

Perfection Supports UNM ‘Brain Safe’ ProjectUNM and the nonprofit Mind Research Network (MRN) have partnered on a new project called Brain Safe, to better understand concussions, and minimize their impact. As part of the project, over 200 UNM athletes will receive MRI brain scans every season (and after any concussions or head injuries) to assess changes to their brain health.

Perfection Honda is proud to support this important work by providing a transport vehicle for the project. The Perfection Honda ‘Brain Safe’ Honda Pilot has been on the sidelines at UNM sporting since this fall, standing at the ready to transport any injured athletes to medical facilities.

The Brain Safe project is one of the first studies of it’s kind on brain injury, and promises to yield valuable insights into the nature of brain injury and how to minimize concussions impacts.

Interested in learning more about the project? It’s been featured in local and national media, including: