Q & A with Greg Tanny

October 8th, 2009 by

Greg Tanny is the Parts and Service director for Perfection Honda. In that role, he is responsible for day-to-day operations for parts and service at both Perfection Honda and Perfection on Academy. He has been with Perfection for 4 years, and in the car business for 25, working jobs from technical to the managerial. Before his current career at Perfection, he spent 5 years with Jim Morran and Associates as a fixed operations consultant traveling from coast to coast.

Greg, Any Nicknames?

Just G

Where are You From?

My family is all from Chicago, I grew up and Albuquerque and worked at Ed Blacks Chevy as well as Saturn of Albuquerque.

What was your first car?

A 1969 Mustang

Was that your dream car growing up?

No. My dream car was a ‘63 Split Window Corvette.

What did you like about the ‘63 Split Window Corvette?

My Grandfather owned a ‘63 and I got to ride in it when I was just a little guy. At that time I thought it had to be the fastest car ever built!

What do you like about the car business:

I’ve loved cars my whole life, so the car business was always a natural fit for me. I bought my first car when I was 15, and have been interested in working on cars and building them ever since. I still restore muscle cars as a hobby.

If you could have any automobile today, what would it be? … non-Honda answers are acceptable, but frowned upon?

I would have to go with the Yenko, 1969 Camaro.


Yenko’s have quite a history. Yenko, was a dealership that bought Camaro’s and put 427 big-block engines in them. The factory was ok with this, so the end result was these incredible factory-approved customized Yenko Camaro’s. Today, they are incredibly rare. If you found one that was in great condition it would be worth a lot a small fortune.

Would you drive it?

Sure. It would be my Friday car.

Any interesting Hobbies?

I’m a certified diver, and I’m an avid hunter and fisherman.

What’s your favorite Honda?

The S2000, especially one like the club-racer we’ve got sitting downstairs in the showroom now. I drive the new Pilot though and I must say I really love it!

Most Unusual Customer Request?

We had a customer here at Perfection that wanted us to install custom racing seats in his 4-door Accord. We would have loved to do it for him, but unfortunately couldn’t because of safety issues.

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